2 and 3 wheel displays

Got a bike, scooter or 3 wheeler that is your labour of love, your daily or a bit of a quirky machine that brings a smile to peoples faces?  We’ll Petrol & Pistons is an event for you!

As well as a large volume of cars we also welcome selections of 2 and 3 wheeled metal to take part in proceedings during the day with dedicated display areas in prime spots around the venue.

If you would like to display your bike, simply arrive on the day and tell the Marshalls you are here to show your bike or trike and they will direct you to the bike and oddities area.

Displaying your machine is free as long as you have a general admission ticket.

If you are a bike club and you are interested in coming along on-mass, please get in touch using our car club booking form here an let us know what your requirements are and we’ll be sure to welcome you along in a prime spot.

This event is all about the metal so if you have something lurking in your garage, dust it off and bring it out, the more the merrier!

Want to be part of our show features with a very special vehicle you think would be a crowd pleaser? Drop us a line on the contact us page.