Public Track Time

We have a limited amount of public track time available at the show for you to drive your own car on track and sample one of the best circuits in the UK.

There are a number of popular viewing points around the circuit. The Grand Stand and viewing banks around the first complex of corners allow for good viewing of the start/finishing straight and the first complex of corners. At the back end of the circuit, the Sunny in/out set of corners through to the complex also has popular raised viewing banks. However due to the curving nature of the track it is difficult to gain a view position where a large amount of the track can be seen.

One of the best (and least known) viewing points is in fact in the centre of the track. Entry to this area is provided over the track itself between races by the marshals.To reach the entry point people have to walk past the viewing bank at the start of the lap and follow the circuit down the straight towards Tower bend. Once within the track centre it is possible to stand near the hairpin at the end of the circuit, where a lot of action takes place as it is the slowest corner in UK motorsport. It is also possible to see the start straight, opening corners, the straight down to Tower bend and onwards to Barcroft. This therefore makes it the viewing place where you can see the most of the circuit from one place.

For just £35 you can take your car on track and experience the day for yourself while the Time Attack guys are taking a break and letting their cars cool down.


Sessions and spaces are very limited are now available to buy in our shop using the link below, sessions are available in advance and only 25 slots are available, once they are gone, they are gone!

To book your space online and reserve them in advance.

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