Time Attack Round 7

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Petrol & Pistons at Croft hosts the 7th round of the MSA Time Attack Championship.

Now in its 12th season, Time Attack has grown into one of the most significant motorsport campaigns in the world.

Today’s competition sees four x 15/20 minute sessions during the day: Warm-up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final. The 50+ car entry is then split into three sessions for the various classes: The first is Classic & Retro: for cars manufactured before 1991, Clubman Class: for cars that are close to standard specification and Pocket Rocket: for smaller engine cars and hot hatches.

Session two comprises the Club Classes for tuned FWD, RWD and 4WD cars, whilst session three is for the Pro Classes, where the highly modified and infinitely more powerful machines demonstrate the ultimate in automotive tuning, all of them hoping to set a faster lap than their category rivals.

time attack girl

Be in no doubt that there’s some serious machinery in operation today running in the Pro Classes, with power outputs reaching in excess of 1000hp! Whilst in the Club classes, you’ll see road specification cars that are tuned and driven like you’ve never seen them before.

Not only will you get to see these cars on the circuit, but you will also have the chance to get up close and personal with these machines and their teams. From looking under the bonnet to talking to the drivers, Time Attack boasts one of the friendliest and most professional paddocks there is.

time attack round 1

Originating on the race tracks of Japan, Time Attack has risen to become one of the most significant and engaging motorsport phenomenon’s of our time. Captivating audiences and inspiring an entire generation of petrol heads from around the globe to set about nailing down the quickest lap on a given day. Time Attack defines the art of purposeful car modification by crowning after market tuning champions and embracing the complete spectrum of tuning levels from a part-time racer to full blown record smashing circuit monsters.

The art of registering the quickest lap-time on circuit using a production based car with no power or upgrade limitations.The ultimate test of man and machine versus the clock, who will win? Running a car to the absolute limit and beyond – on the knife edge of engine power and response, reliability, mechanical grip, chassis set-up, aerodynamics and down force. Add that up and throw in a driver with no other expectation than to win by delivering the lap of their life while battling traffic of 50 other teams, all pushing to to do the same where every hundredth of a second counts.

time attack racing

To ensure the successful and relevant entry of cars and teams, our classing system has evolved into specific categories that are suitable to recognise differing levels of car, potential lap-times, modification and drive-line. This classing system encourages vehicles from ‘street spec’ to purpose built world class racing spec machines. Throughout the season lap-times are monitored and where necessary adjustments are made to ensure fair competition in all classes is respected, the quicker the cars go the further up the classing field they progress each season.

time attack peugeot

For more detailed information about Time Attack and the cars, please visit the championship website here.


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